Buna. Dōmo. Hello.

Hi. My name is Ionuț Gîtan.

My first name is difficult to pronounce because of the "ț" voiceless alveolar sibilant affricateー making an ending t͡s sound. It's odd, but you'll get it after a few tries.

As a refugee that knows the meaning of hard work, I pride myself as a self-starter. I’ve created my own path at the nexus of business, design, and politics.

I have a talent for connecting humans for enterprise, developing creative projects, and helping others. I work for an NGO that helps Syrian refugees. Before that, I worked for a Japanese fashion company, living in Tokyo and New York City. The career-shift may seem odd, but it was by my design.

In my spare time, I read books, cook for friends, and see live music. I'm passionate about design, especially fashion and interior.

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Let's grab a beer and discuss working on a project together. Don't be shy. Please say, "Buna, Dōmo," or "Hello" back.

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Or, email me at ionutgitan [at] gmail [dot] com.